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Traditional and modern upholstery

Seat pads come in various forms from removable drop-in upholstered seats designed to fit into a chair frame to fixed upholstered dining chairs. 

Replacement seat pad service

Seat pads are commonly used in dining chairs, occasional chairs, and some types of stools. Replacing seat pads is a very easy way to update your furnishings or interior scheme with a simple recover. 

Drop in seat reupholstery

If your seat pads are in good condition, then a simple recover will work a treat. However, over time, drop-in seats may wear out or become damaged. The removable nature of these seats makes them easy to replace without having to replace the entire chair. With a refreshment of your foam or loose fibre foundations, they can be easily restored.  This can be a cost-effective solution for extending the lifespan of furniture. 

Full seat

A full seat is a fixed upholstered seat which can not be removed. This can be in both modern or traditional materials and requires a bottom cloth on completion to hide the webbing and interior.  

Traditional seat pads

Traditional seat pads are stuffed with loose coir fibre, and hessian and are stitched to form the integral shape. Finished with top stuffing, calico and batting, they form a firmer seat pad when compared to modern foams but have a longer shelf life. 

Modern seat pads

Common fillings include foam, batting, or a combination of both. Foam provides firm support, while batting adds a softer, cushioned feel. 

Sprung dining chairs

A sprung traditional dining chair typically refers to a dining chair that incorporates a sprung seat base for added comfort and support. This style of seat pad combines the classic elegance of traditional design, making it a timeless and practical choice for dining rooms, kitchens, or other seating areas in the home. The springs provide and extra layer of support under a stitched and stuffed fibre pad. 


Drop-ins & Seat Pads

Examples of drop-ins & seat pads from our portfolio:

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