Professional traditional and modern upholstery services in East London. By appointment only.

Traditional and modern upholstery

Designer Furniture Upholstery Specialist

We have specialist knowledge and experience of restoring and upholstering valuable modernist and contemporary pieces of furniture, by well known designers, including the following:

Pierre Paulin

Pierre Paulin was a French interior and furniture designer who embraced organic forms and bold colors in his creations. His designs often featured soft, sculptural shapes that provided both comfort and visual appeal. Paulin's iconic works include the Ribbon Chair, Mushroom Chair, and Tongue Chair.

Howard Keith

Howard Keith was a visionary in furniture design, renowned for his seamless fusion of classic elegance and modern innovation.

Carl Malmsten

Carl Malmsten was a highly influential Swedish furniture designer, educator, and architect. He was renowned for his contributions to Scandinavian design, particularly in furniture making.

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