Professional traditional and modern upholstery services in East London. By appointment only.

Traditional and modern upholstery

At Charles of Lloyd, we take pride in crafting bespoke seating that seamlessly merges functionality with design.

Banquette seating fabrication & upholstery

Our process revolves around client collaboration, precision fabrication, and meticulous upholstery, ensuring the creation of exceptional seating tailored to your requirements. We work alongside award-winning interior designers, furniture designers and the general public to bring their vision to life.

Upholstery tailored to your needs

Our bespoke seating process commences with a comprehensive client consultation. During this crucial phase, we delve into understanding your distinct needs and preferences. We discuss the location details, take into account floor plans, and establish the design specifications essential for crafting the perfect banquette seating for your space. This often includes a site visit to measure up or sense check any measurements provided. 

Transforming plans into reality

Following the client consultation, we begin the early stages of carpentry development while noting any design concerns. The framework for the seating is carefully constructed from either a hardwood or plywood sheet material, all of which are dictated by the shape and design specifications or budget. 


Often creating bespoke pieces requires mock-ups and sampling to achieve the perfect finish. Our bespoke upholstery service uses this sampling process as a key discussion point to tweak, improve and sign off the finer details that make a piece special. 

Personalised fabric choices

Once the framework is built, the upholstery process begins. Upholstery materials, including fabrics carefully selected by the client, take centre stage. Whether it's sumptuous velvets, durable leathers, or intricate patterns, the choice is yours. A fabric consultation ensures that your chosen fabric complements the design and will perform well on the shape. 

Installation phase

With precision and care, we ensure that every element is perfectly positioned, guaranteeing the flawless integration of your bespoke banquette seating into its designated area. This usually takes 1-2 days depending on the complexity of the space or design. 

Fixed & Banquette Seating

Examples of fixed & banquette seating from our portfolio:

Design your
space with stylish and
unique upholstered

Transform cherished pieces with our high-quality, personalised, upholstery service, or go bespoke to create something entirely new and unique.

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