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Traditional and modern upholstery

An upholstered headboard is a panel or piece of furniture attached to the head of a bed.

It serves both decorative and practical purposes, providing a backrest for sitting up in bed and enhancing the overall aesthetics of the bedroom. Choosing to recover an existing headboard or designing a new one is a fantastic way to introduce personality into your home. 


Charles of Lloyd upholstery can happily reupholster existing headboards depending on the quality of manufacture. With a sound internal structure, a strip back and recover can breathe new life into an interior space. 




Bespoke Headboards

The process of designing your dream headboard is made easy with a trip to our showroom. Determining the below key elements helps us bring your vision to life, all of which can be done in a one-to-one design consultation. 

Size: The size of a headboard is based on your bed size. A headboard that extends slightly beyond the width of the bed creates a balanced look.

Shape: Bespoke headboards can be created in a number of shapes from curves, waves, circles, half moons, rectangles and squares.  

Style: There are many ways to embellish an upholstered panel. This may be through fluting, deep or spot buttoning, edge rolls, or individual panelling. 

Fabric: Picking the right pattern or texture to accentuate a shape is a considered process. All of which we can guide you through and troubleshoot the design considerations. 

Mounting: Headboards can be free-standing, wall mounted and include a pillow stop. 


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