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The glorious rejuvenation of an iconic Carl Malmsten Farmor mid-century modern armchair.

Embodying Mid-Century Elegance

Embodying the essence of mid-century modern design, the Farmor Armchair by Swedish furniture designer Carl Malmsten holds a cherished place in the world of furniture history. At Charles of Lloyd, we recently had the honour of restoring this iconic piece, employing our expertise in domestic upholstery and modern techniques to breathe new life into this rare gem.

Preserving Legacy Through Restoration

The Farmor armchair arrived at our workshop in need of tender care, having weathered years of use and exposure. Our restoration journey commenced with a meticulous assessment of the chair's condition, recognising the importance of preserving its original character while addressing the wear and tear it had endured.

From the ground up: Legs restored

The wooden legs, once the proud foundation of this mid-century marvel, required careful stripping and restoration to revive their former luster. Our skilled craftsmen meticulously worked on every detail, ensuring that the chair's foundation complemented the forthcoming upholstery.

A modern buttoned back

A notable feature of the Farmor Armchair is its buttoned back, a sophisticated touch that adds elegance and a slightly classical character. Upholding the essence of the chair's design, we employed modern upholstery techniques to enhance its comfort and longevity while staying true to Malmsten's vision.

Revitalised with a fresh green fabric

The selection of a olive green fabric brought vibrancy and a touch of contemporary flair to the chair, infusing it with renewed charm and style. Every fold, every stitch in the upholstery process was a homage to the chair's original design, showcasing a harmonious blend of tradition and modernity.

A Reborn Icon: Celebrating Renewed Sophistication

Through our restoration process, we not only rejuvenated the Farmor Armchair but also revived its spirit. The chair emerged with a renewed aura, exuding the timeless sophistication and comfort that defines mid-century modern design.

Our client was thrilled to see their beloved chair restored to its former glory. The Farmor Armchair now stands proudly in their space, a symbol of heritage and elegance seamlessly integrated into their modern lifestyle.

At Charles of Lloyd, our passion lies in the restoration of iconic furniture pieces, preserving their legacy for generations to come. The Farmor Armchair restoration project is a testament to our dedication to craftsmanship and reverence for design history.

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