Professional traditional and modern upholstery services in East London. By appointment only.

Traditional and modern upholstery

With a focus on blending functionality, innovation, and aesthetics, Artifort has collaborated with prominent designers to create timeless and avant-garde furniture pieces.

Their designs reflect a commitment to artistic vision, quality craftsmanship, and ergonomic comfort, positioning Artifort as a leading force in contemporary furniture design worldwide.

Pierre Paulin - Tongue Chair - Artifort

A renowned sculptural chair of the 1970s, the tongue chair is a regular on our workbenches. Comprising of a tubular metal frame with elasticated webbing and a rubber membrane, we have replaced many foam interiors and tailored covers on this model.

Pierre Paulin - ABCD Sofa - Artifort

This sofa required a full restoration of the foam interior from the metal frame upwards. The foam interior was re-fabricated the shape using various laminated layers, then fixed to a metal frame with rubberised webbing and platform cloth.  A true era of experimentation, this restoration involved a cross-over of traditional and modern materials. 

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